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A notorious English historian once said (at the onset of the Iraq war) that wars are simply a way of settling disputes…   Just how much longer we must be faced with the barbaric and murderous actions, of democratic and undemocratic governments (and/or factions) in waging wars to rectify/reconcile disputes, based on Ideology, Religion, Racism, or Ignorance, remains to be seen…

We are all responsible…
In Judith Butlers introduction to Frames of War, the author asks, what is formed and framed through the technological grasp and circulation of the visual and discursive dimensions of war…

She responds to her own question, saying this grasping and circulation is, already an interpretative manoeuvre, a way of giving an account of
whose life is a life,
whose life is effectively transformed into an instrument,
a target, or
a number, or is
with only a trace remaining, or
none at all…

We are all responsible…
She asks us to rethink received terms of materialism, in order to understand, how cameras work as instruments of war, how they both frame and form the human (and non-human) target, and to develop an anti-war politics…   Focusing on the dispossessed and those rendered precarious in ways that require new vocabularies and new practices

We are all responsible…
The context of the images here, are as Documents, recorded in the moment, by potential victims/targets/numbers/humans-to-be-effaced-by-war…
Of actual victims/targets/numbers/humans-in-the-process-of-being-effaced-by-war…

We are all responsible…
The Texts that follow – The List of Dead Children, from just one episode within a continuing war – supply Documentary Evidence of the the tragedy that happens on regular basis, within all wars…

We are all responsible…
To lose one life, can exhaust our powers of emotional expression
To lose many lives to war, defies our powers of emotional expression, leading to senses of outrage…   Which in turn, should find constructive transformation, by creative, positive and applicative outlets within the Social/Political and Ethical circuits, within which we engage, every day…

We are all responsible…
But most fundamental of all…
The images and texts here do not seek to sensationalise war events
They are offered as documents of the world we live in…
These and the myriad of other documentations ‘framed by media’ must not be allowed to become the ground of everyday life, subsumed in our capitulation to mass-media’s lack of interrogation of the true realities and conditions of war, brought about by unaccountable Power, Ideology, Religion, Racism, and Ignorance…

We are all responsible…

These are the names of eighty Palestinian children
killed by IOF in the West Bank (WB) and the Gaza Strip (GS)
during the reporting period. (pre-‘Operation Cast Lead’)

1.   Ahmed Abdul Mohsen Al-Ska
      Age: 15 Killed: 3/7/2007 (WB)

2.   Mohamad Ereib Ahmad Al-Maloukh
      Age: 17 Killed: 6/8/2007 (WB)

3.   Nouriddin Ibrahim Yousef Mer’ei
      Age: 14 Killed: 17/8/2007 (WB)

4.   Abdul Qader Yousef Abed Ashour 
      Age: 14 Killed: 21/8/2007 (GS)

5.   Fadi Mansour Yunis Al-Kafarna
      Age: 10 Killed: 21/8/2007 (GS)

6.   Mahmoud Ibrahim Mahmoud Al-Qrinawi
      Age: 11 Killed: 24/8/2007 (WB)

7.   Humam Ahmad Abdul Qader Nasser
      Age: 15 Killed: 24/8/2007 (GS)

8.   Mustafa Adnan Said Nasser 
      Age: 17 Killed: 24/8/2007 (GS)

9.   Mahmoud Mousa Has’san Abu Ghazal 
      Age: 8 Killed: 29/8/2007 (GS)

10. Sara Sulaiman Abdallah Abu Ghazal 
      Age: 10 Killed: 29/8/2007 (GS)

11. Yahiya Ramadan Atiya Abu Ghazal
      Age: 12 Killed: 29/8/2007 (GS)

12. Ramzi Rajab Hilles
      Age: 17 Killed: 8/9/2007 (GS)

13. Wadei Khalil Samara Al-Ghazawi
      Age: 13 Killed: 10/9/2007 (WB)

14. Mohammad Ali Mesbah Jabarin
      Age: 16 Killed: 17/9/2007 (WB)

15. Mohammed Rida Mahmoud Khaled
      Age: 17 Killed: 18/9/2007 (WB)

16. Mohamad Atiya Hasan Kaloub
      Age: 16 Killed: 24/10/2007 (GS)

17. Abdel Fattah Fawzi Abed Fatah Askar
      Age: 14 Killed: 24/10/2007 (GS)

18. Hashem Eid Abdel Aziz Khadoura
      Age: 16 Killed: 4/11/2007 (GS)

19. Ashraf Zaher Salman Al-Arour
      Age: 17 Killed: 4/11/2007 (GS)

20. Bilal Ahmad Al-Nabahin
      Age: 14 Killed: 9/11/2007 (GS)

21. Jihad Elian Al-Nabahin 
      Age: 15 Killed: 9/11/2007 (GS)

22. Hadeel Abdel Karim Suliman Al-Smeiri
      Age: 8 Killed: 11/6/2008 (GS)

23. Aya Hamdan Al-Najjar
      Age: 8 Killed: 5/6/2008 (GS)

24. Hussein Abdel Karim Ahel
      Age: 16 Killed: 22/5/2008 (GS)

25. Khaled Abdel Naser Abdel Hadi
      Age: 17 Killed: 21/5/2008 (GS)

26. Majd Ziyad Abu Oukal
      Age: 12 Killed: 20/5/2008 (GS)

27. Abdel Jawad Al-Dardouk
      Age: 15 Killed: 19/5/2008 (WB)

28. Montasir Mohamad Jumaa Abu Anza
      Age: 15 Killed: 11/5/2008 (GS)

29. Sami Jamil Abdel Aziz Abu Anza
      Age: 17 Killed: 8/5/2008 (GS)

30. Ameer Mohamad Hashem Al Yazji
      Age: 5 Killed: 16/1/2008 (GS)

31. Mohamad Naser Al Bura’i
      Age: 7 mths Killed: 27/2/2008 (GS)

32. Ala’ Ayman Al-Borno
      Age: 17 Killed: 28/2/2008 (GS)

33. Ahmad Naser Al-Gharabli
      Age: 16 Killed: 9/4/2008 (GS)

34. Mohammad Maher Fathi Al-Kafarna
      Age: 16 Killed: 9/1/2008 (GS)

35. Saleh Ahmad Eid Abu Me’tiq
      Age: 5 Killed: 28/4/2008 (GS)

36. Rudeina Ahmad Eid Abu Me’tiq
      Age: 4 Killed: 28/4/2008 (GS)

37. Hana Ahmad Eid Abu Me’tiq
      Age: 3 Killed: 28/4/2008 (GS

38. Mes’id Ahmad Eid Abu Me’tiq
      Age: 1 Killed: 28/4/2008 (GS)

39. Mariam Mustafa Hasan Ma’rouf
      Age: 15 Killed: 26/4/2008 (GS)

40. Dardouna Deib Dardouna
      Age: 12 Killed: 28/2/2008 (GS)

41. Ali Munir Dardouna
      Age: 8 Killed: 28/2/2008 (GS)

42. Omar Hussein Dardouna
      Age: 14 Killed: 28/2/2008 (GS)

43. Mohammad Na’im Hammouda
      Age: 9 Killed: 28/2/2008 (GS)

44. Mohammad Hani Husein Al-Mabhouh
      Age: 17 Killed: 1/3/2008 (GS)

45. Eyad Mohammad Husni Rashid Abu Shbak
      Age: 16 Killed: 1/3/2008 (GS)

46.  Jacqueline Mohammad Husni Abu Shbak
      Age: 16 Killed: 1/3/2008 (GS)

47. Safaa Ra’ad Ali Abu Saif
      Age: 12 Killed: 1/3/2008 (GS)

48. Abdallah Abdel Karim Mahmoud Abu Sha’ira
      Age: 17 Killed: 1/3/2008 (GS)

49. Na’el Zuhair Abu Oun
      Age: 14 Killed: 1/3/2008 (GS)

50. Ahmad Nimer Abdel Latif Zughra
      Age: 17 Killed: 1/3/2008 (GS)

51. Khaled Monther Abdel Qader Rayyan
      Age: 17 Killed: 1/3/2008 (GS)

52. Salwa Zidan Assaliya
      Age: 14 Killed: 1/3/2008 (GS)

53. Mahmoud Bassam Mohammad Ubeid
      Age: 16 Killed: 1/3/2008 (GS)

54. Mohammad Fu’ad Khalil Hjazi
      Age: 17 Killed: 1/3/2008 (GS)

55. Abdel Karim Hosni El-Ha’ou
      Age: 15 Killed: 1/3/2008 (GS)

56. Mahmoud Nayef Hamatto H’neideq
      Age: 16 Killed: 1/3/2008 (GS)

57. Salsabeel Majed Mohammad Abu Jalhoum
      Age: 2 Killed: 1/3/2008 (GS)

58. Abdel Rahman Mohammad Saleh
      Age: 17 Killed: 2/3/2008 (GS)

59. Lu’ai Ismail Ibrahim Taha
      Age: 16 Killed: 2/3/2008 (GS)

60. Tala’at Saleh Al-N’meilat
      Age: 16 Killed: 28/2/2008 (GS)

61. Ziad Ismail Abu Rukba
      Age: 16 Killed: 6/1/2008 (GS)

62. Tamer Mohammad Abu Sha’ar
      Age: 11 Killed: 19/2/2008 (GS)

63. Amira Khaled Abu A’ser
      Age: 2 mths  Killed: 4/3/2008 (GS)

64. Riyad Sharif Al-Eweisi
      Age: 12 Killed: 11/4/2008 (GS)

65. Yousef Ibrahim Sarhan
      Age: 15 Killed: 11/4/2008 (GS)

66. Ghassan Khaled Abu Otaiwi
      Age: 17 Killed: 16/4/2008 (GS)

67. Tareq Farid Abu Taqiya
      Age: 16 Killed: 16/4/2008 (GS)

68. Ahmad Aaref Farajallah
      Age: 14 Killed: 16/4/2008 (GS)

69. Bayan Samir Al-Khaldi
      Age: 17 Killed: 16/4/2008 (GS)

70. Islam Hussam Al-Eissawi
      Age: 16 Killed: 16/4/2008 (GS)

71. Abdullah Maher Abu Khalil
      Age: 15 Killed: 16/4/2008 (GS)

72. Mohammad Mohammad Al-As’sar
      Age: 17 Killed: 16/4/2008 (GS)

73. Talha Hani Abu Ali
      Age: 13 Killed: 16/4/2008 (GS)

74. Ahmad Abdel Majied Al-Najjar
      Age: 17 Killed: 19/4/2008 (GS)

75. Bilal Sa’ed Al-D’heini
      Age: 17 Killed: 20/4/2008 (GS)

76. Kusai Suliman Mohammad Yousef Al-Afandi
      Age: 16 Killed: 28/1/2008 (WB)

77. Mahmoud Mohammad Masalma
      Age: 14 Killed: 2/3/2008 (WB)

78. Ismail Arafat Mustafa Abu Sultan
      Age: 17 Killed: 1/3/2008 (GS)

79. Mohammad Anwar Jamil Abu Sara (Al-Al’lami)
      Age: 16 Killed: 26/6/2008 (WB)

80. Mohammed Naser Sa’id Daraghma
      Age: 16 Killed: 29/6/2008 (WB)

At approximately 11:25 am on Saturday, 27 December 2008 Israeli forces began to attack the Gaza Strip.

The offensive, codenamed ‘Operation Cast Lead,’ lasted for 23 days.

All above images were extracted from video documentation at one event.

In total, 1,419 Palestinians were killed. 1,182 of the dead – the overwhelming majority – were civilians, the ‘protected persons’ of international humanitarian law.

A further 5,300 individuals were injured, and public and private property throughout the Gaza Strip was extensively and systematically targeted and destroyed.

Source: ‘Blood On Their Hands, Child Killings by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) in the Gaza Strip June 2007 – June 2008’ Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

We are all responsible…

Text To Screen Ends…

Documents of War
Was originally designed as a performance piece to be executed for the Four Bridges Project  – I would wear prims coded to display the images around me, and sit while the text was rendered to screen, it was meant to be a ‘one off performance’  –  when I asked Trill and millay to allow me permission to perform – they asked me to ‘install’ the work – and it was shown over the weekend of the two-day War and Peace Event at the Howard Zinn Center for Social Consciousness and the Arts,  starting Saturday 16th April 2011