pixel in performance modeComputer Generated Poiesis‘ was initiated by taking a limited number of ‘theoretical’ words from – ‘Identity’ – another textual project/performance currently under construction – this project/performance ‘Machinic-Coded Identity-Theory Poiesis‘  – should be seen as being part of that same ‘Identity’ project

Words were fed/programmed into a simple java-coded random poetry generator – by clicking, one could produce between two and six lines of randomly generated text – over a thousand lines were generated and edited down to approximately just under 200 lines of text – which read like Dada…  however, just occasionally, they make one pause for thought – I like that – as the concept that is initiated/signified by the randomly composed utterance, could almost be a true theoretical proposition.
Lines of text were ‘placed into’ bracelets – with ‘touch-start’ scripts – which when worn and activated would render randomly chosen lines to local text on screen (when using the the same bracelets – no two performance/renderings/events were the same)

Quan Lavender and pixel Reanimator at Angel IslesQuan+pixelInitially, a key factor for this part of the project was to use highly populated ‘non-arts’ venues (chosen randomly), i.e. to target the ‘average/median’ avatar/subject inhabiting ‘The Virtual World of Second Life’ as opposed to ‘Regular Arts Venue Attendees’

Via action, a subject injects itself into the system, where action is constituted within the system as a means of communication – (as long as more than one ‘subject/processing unit’ that operates with information is present, and can relate to others [and thereby to themselves]).
Communication and action cannot be separated (but can be distinguished), if Telematic Social Systems are broken down into actions, this reduction acquires the basis for connections that serve to continue the course of communications.

Utterance (an uninterrupted chain of spoken or written language) is nothing more than a selection proposal, a suggestion –
Communication emerges, only to the extent that this suggestion is picked up, that its stimulation is processed – Identity of ‘information’ must be conceived in a way that is compatible with the fact that it may mean something very different for the sender and receiver.
Within the concept of meaning, communication is always a selective occurrence.
Meaning allows no other choice than to choose.
Communication grasps something out of the actual referential horizon that itself constitutes and leaves other things aside…

Communication is the processing of selection…

Documentary illustrations are shown, however,  process, communication, concept, content and event – are the work – what exists here is merely documentation

To be read in any order what-so-ever


Egos grow

Significations grow

Avatars grow

Never virtualise an anxiety

Performative endurance

Perceptions rise

Synthesis endures

Never produce an anxiety

Synthesis rise

Images act

Dualities act

Courage, endurance, and desolation

Courage, death, and desire

Death, death, and faith

Death, faith, and fantasy

Desire, love, and impulse

Endurance, death, and desolation

Endurance, fantasy, and faith

Faith, desire, and fantasy

Fantasy, desire, and impulse

Impulse, impulse and endurance

Impulse, courage, and faith

Impulse, desolation, and love

Life, impulse, and death

Life, courage, and courage

Desolation, love, and impulse

Where is the mimetic transformation

Why does implementation perform anxiety

Where is the Intrapsychic perception

Why does anxiety endure

Why does perception grow

Where is the psychological technology

Why does the Id perform

Where is the psychological synthesis

Where is the performative Id

Why does Identification appear

Where is the Intrapsychic telepresence

Where is psychological meaning

Where is the Intrapsychic consciousness

Why does telepresence induce

Why does the Id endure

Why does implementation appear

Where is the Intrapsychic technology

Where is psychological perception

Where is the mimetic being

Why does signification endure

Why does the Id act

Why do the dualities endure

Where is the performative Id

Why does psychological implementation appear

Where is the individually mimetically constituted Ego

Intrapsychic meaning quietly actualises performance

Fantasy is a performative complexity – Psychic-spaces act

Significations act like Intrapsychic actualisations

Death is mimetically complex

Never objectify a Superego

Empathy objectifies Intrapsychic meanings

Mimetic Identity unknowingly objectifies projection

Intrapsychic fantasmatic identification is the complexity

The anxiety endures like a performative psychic-space

Desolation is a mimetic phenomenon

Intrapsychic anxiety unknowingly is reality

Telepresence is being

All meanings activated individually induce Intrapsychic intersubjectivities

Fantasmatics perform like a psychological synthesis

Performative psychological meanings are never Super-egotistical

Mimetic transformations fantasmatically virtualise meaning

Performative synthesis unknowingly externalises perception

Identifications externalise Intrapsychic performative telepresences

Individual synthesis leads to a mimetic consciousness

Desolation is a performative avatar

The Ego performs like an Intrapsychic technology

Never identification producing objectification

Technology is an Intrapsychic philosophy

Performative anxiety swiftly activates all intersubjectivity

All is mimetic telepresence

Avatars induce like psychological simulacra

Desire is an individual avatar

All mimetic Intrapsychic performances activate psychological projections

Performances and individual technologies activate a psychological meaning

Intrapsychic individual identifications pathologically activate a psychological Id

The Id fantasises like a psychologically performative psychic-space

Performances objectify Intrapsychic individual telepresence

Intersubjectivity is an avatar’s individual mental-activity

Performative individual technologies actualise a mimetic synthesis

Implementations act like a performative Id

Individual simulacra swiftly virtualise perception

Simulacra actualise psychological performances

All performances externalise actualisations of transformation

Superegos externalise Intra-psychic-spaces

Desire is a mimetic complexity

Individual synthesis quietly actualises Identity

Projection performs like a mimetic technology

Intrapsychic Identities induce a performative anxiety

Performativity is like a mimetic identification of superego

All dualities mimetically perform projections

Transformation is being like a mimetic perception

The psychic-space fantasmatically produces the performative consciousness

Realitys grows like performative mental-activities

Individually mimetic Egos inadvertently externalise simulacra

Mental-activity performs like a mimetic image

Mimetic synthesis inadvertently performs Intrapsychic Superego complexity

Identity is Intrapsychic complexity

Simulacra objectify fantasmatically induced mimetical intersubjectivity

Rise unknowingly like a mimetic transformation

Love is a fantasmatically Intrapsychic projection

Identities perform like Intrapsychic philosophies

Act quietly like psychological intersubjectivity

Intrapsychic technology calmly virtualises telepresence

Identity is a performative consciousness

All phenomena actualise performative Intrapsychic complexities

Performance rises like an individual psychological identification phenomenon

All performances actualise mimetic Intrapsychic dualities

Psychological identification inadvertently mimetically virtualises individual Egos

Dualities act like individual phenomena

Consciousness grows like mimetic significations

The Intrapsychic simulacrum swiftly produces identification

Telepresences fantasise like Intrapsychic complexities

All performances produce psychological performative Superegos

Psychological Intrapsychic Identities objectify individual performative synthesis

Intrapsychic performative significations quietly objectify psychological performative meaning

Mimetically performative mental-activitys actualise Intrapsychic perception

Performative intersubjectivity unknowingly actualises telepresence

Individual Intrapsychic dualities calmly virtualise performative mimetic transformation

Life is a psychological avatar

Transformations objectify individual mimetic anxieties

All identifications individually activate avatars

Avatars endure like performative Egos never externalising a phenomenon

The synthesis is like a fantasmatic psychic-space

Identifications rise like individual phenomena

The avatar is like a psychological philosophy

The Intrapsychic Id fantasmatically acts like a performative Ego

The psychological perception pathologically synthesises telepresence

All psychic-spaces produce mimetically psychological transformations

Impulse-objectification is a performative duality

Never objectify a technology

Performative Intrapsychic avatars unknowingly produce mimetically Intrapsychic beings

Love is a mimetically induced simulacrum

Act like an Intrapsychic telepresence

Life is a psychological projection

Consciousness is a performative transformation

Fantasise fantasmatically like a mimetic performative phenomenon

Significations die like Intrapsychic identifications

Identities rise like psychological projections

The mimetical phenomenon swiftly activates meaning

Mimetical perceptions quietly activate a performative Intrapsychic empathy

Endure calmly like an individual projection

Projections endure like individual transformations

Act pathologically like a psychological philosophy

Telepresence swiftly performs mimetic images

Superegos rise like psychological complexities

The psychological avatar inadvertently actualises the Ego

The Intrapsychic avatar fantasmatically produces dualities

Images fantasise like individual simulacra

The image fantasises like a mimetic Id

The psychological image inadvertently actualises telepresence

Synthesis is a mimetic psychological Id

Reality is like Intrapsychic dualities

All images virtualise mimetically performative synthesis

Psychological empathies virtualise an Intrapsychic mimetic Ego

Psychic-spaces perform like mimetic Identities

The Intrapsychic simulacra unknowingly actualises phenomenon

Desolation is a performative technology

Mimetic images individually virtualise intersubjectivity

Reality endures like a psychological synthesis

The synthesis appears like a performative technology

Projection grows like an activating performative phenomenon

Synthesis endures like psychological consciousness

Mimetically psychological philosophies pathologically objectify mimetically performative reality

Psychologically performative avatars pathologically actualise an Intrapsychic reality

Never deny externalising a mental-activity

Intrapsychic mimetic Egos quietly produce a mimetically psychological simulacrum

The avatar is like an individual synthesis

Phenomena rise like Intrapsychic complexities

Phenomena die like mimetical philosophies

Empathies fantasise like an Intrapsychic meaning

The simulacrum induces a performative perception

text ends

Machinic-Coded Identity-Theory Poiesis was performed – in August 2013 (shown above) as part of The 17th Biennial Of Cerveira at Angel Isles – Portuguese Cultural Center in Second Life, and was organised by the Cerveira Biennial Foundation in Portugal, curated by Vitos Porta under the direction of Augusto Canedo and streamed live into the Biennial Venue in Cerveira
This work was also enacted daily – throughout the month of May 2013 at various non-arts ‘public venues and hubs’ in Second Life
such as NelsoniasafehubNelsonia+